From the heart of Italy to the heart of Thailand, Pala Pizza Romana offers the best quality “pizza al taglio” using only Italian ingredients and know-how. “Pizza al taglio” or “Pizza al metro” is baked in meter long slabs of dough in a narrow oven and sold by slices or meters, and comes with a wide selection of toppings and flavours. The taste and texture of the dough makes our pizza a unique product in Bangkok. Our pizza can even be taken home and reheated the next day, while maintaining the same fresh taste it had when freshly-baked.

Along with the pizza you will find a full menu offering Roman and Italian culinary specialities: pasta, soup, fish, salads, and desserts, all at very reasonable prices. The daily specials will always keep alive your desire of new flavours, fragrances and shapes.

The restaurant also features a deli counter where you can choose from a huge mouth-watering selection of cold cuts, cheeses, canned goods, chocolates, sweets, cakes and breads.

Dietary requests: Our menu already offers many vegetarian and vegan choices, gluten free and whole wheat pastas. However, do not hesitate to challenge our team with personalized requests.

Since October 2011 the experiment Roma – Bangkok has been extremely successful and our reputation, among Thai and International clientele, has been growing as top quality dining spot with very affordable prices.  Our restaurant is popular with local Thais and expatriates and is a great meeting place for friends and business associates, as well as tourists starting their vacation in the Land of Smiles.

Where: Pala Pizza Romana, close to Terminal 21, on the corner of Sukhumvit and Asok, just under the escalator leading from the BTS to the MRT, is the first place in Bangkok to recreate this original, authentic Roman experience. From 10am to 11pm the chefs at Pala are working daily to offer you this unique delight fresh out of the oven. At all hours, you will find pizzas baking in the oven and several more on display; for takeaway or to enjoy inside the small, but friendly, establishment. Pala Pizza Romana – Main Sukhumvit road, intersection with Asok Road – BTS Asok (Exit 3), MRT Sukhumvit (Exit 3).

Closed on 13-16 April 2017

Last working dat 12 April 17, time closing 9pm

First day opening after Songkran 17 April 2017 11am

Open: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
Breakfast: 8:00 am to 10:30 am